Education shouldn't be limited to the classroom. SkillStellar’s mission is to make high-quality, online learning options available to all students at all times

SkillStellar is a custom e-learning solution provider that gives student a platform for learning difficult subjects/lessons by connecting them with professional tutors. Our online tutors are available with the wide array of subjects and topics to help the students wherever they need.

A dynamic, self-paced environment that appeals to a wide range of learning styles and educational levels, as well as learner's interests-e-learning solutions which also include interactive media where learners help teach one another.

By administering, documenting, tracking, reporting and delivering adaptive courses or online training programs, educator can monitor the progress, assess the strengths and weakness, and help guide their students towards successful completion of the program.

We use personalized and adaptive learning methods; it's focused on individual student needs and is a dynamic process adapts teaching methods based on response to questions, interactive experiences and tasks.

Here are some of the benefits of Adaptive learning techniques:

  • Students learn faster
  • More Engaging
  • Allows for improved courses
  • Blended learning opportunities and so on.

We have interactive whiteboard to carryout tutoring session; the tutor's will promote interactivity and model the steps on the whiteboard during tutoring sessions. This enables the tutor's to know how a student is involved in an online tutoring, how active the student is. How actively the student participates throughout the session?

We ensure to engage learners to help to stay on task and master content and our organization will give the stellar tutoring solutions.

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

- Phil Collins